Privacy Policy –

  1. The goal of the Privacy Policy below is to outline the ways in which Capital Lab Sp. z o. o., with headquarters located in Warsaw at Ul. Ks. J. Poniatowskiego 1, will collect and use information given by persons using or in use of the services provided by, which in certain cases may include personal information.
  2. Personal data  sharing and permission to process it are entirely voluntary.
  3. Users of have access to the data and the right to correct them.
  4. The service performs the function of seeking out information about users and their behaviour in the following ways:
    1. Through the voluntary participation of the user in the filling in of information forms,
    2. Through the saving of cookies – a type of file consisting of data stored in the end-user’s computer system and of which the webpage necessarily makes use for the convenience of said user.
  5. Information provided by the user is not available to third parties in any way that does not explicitly require the expressed consent of the user.
  6. The service may additionally save information about connection parameters, which entails the time of visiting the site and the IP address of the user.
  7. The operator of the service is both the issuer of the cookie files of the user of the service and the one to whom those files are available.
  8. Two types of cookie files are applied within the framework of the service
    1. Session cookies – temporary cookies that are stored on the user’s computer system until the closing of the webpage, in this case, by the user or upon an internet service disconnect.
    2. Permanent cookies – less temporary cookies that are stored on the user’s computer system throughout the time of the cookies’ set parameters (i.e. until they expire), or until the user deletes the files from the computer.
  9. Internet services enable the deletion of cookie files, and it is possible to automatically block cookies from being stored onto your system. Specific information on this topic, as well as help regarding cookies, is available in the documentation detailing internet services made available by your provider. Alternatively, you may enable the blocking of cookies through your internet browser.
  10. Changes in internet service settings may block the availability of certain functions of the service,
  11. The publisher of retains the right to changes in the privacy policy of, which may be influenced by changes in internet technology, and inevitably, changes in the laws regarding the protection of personal data, as well as changes in the development of the service,
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