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Capital Lab is a company created by a researcher and practitioner. Years of research on financial institutions, as well as investor experience have allowed us to create products that the market expects. That is why at Capital Lab, we create solutions that aim to support regular and conscious saving. It turns out that most of us not only save little, but often do it chaotically and without a plan. We often give up on the conscious accumulation of personal savings because we do not know how to manage and invest our savings. It turns out that on average we lose four percent of profit as a consequence. At Capital Lab, we create solutions and products that support both financial education as well as technologies that aim to facilitate effective saving.

Head of Strategic Allocation


Prof. Aneta Hryckiewicz


A graduate of the prestigious Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. After her Ph. D. she went to Wharton University in the United States, where she researched the financial crises. Aneta holds a postdoctoral degree in economic sciences and is an expert in finance and banking. Additionally, she has passed the CFA exams. She is a member of the PEKAO SA Investment Banking Board & Audit Committee. In addition, Aneta is a lecturer at various excellent universities throughout Europe with a vast global experience.

In Capital Lab, Aneta is a CEO and deals with company strategy and development of financial products.

Head of Product Development


Łukasz Hryckiewicz


A graduate of the Japanese University of Information Technology in Warsaw in the field of databases. IT team manager with over ten years of experience in an international corporation. In his career, he managed global projects in Poland, Switzerland, the United States, as well as in Asia. He created ground-breaking applications and technologies for his clients.

At Capital Lab Łukasz is responsible for the development and security of our technologies and manages the IT team.

Head of Business Development


Petra Pawlowski


A graduate of Finance and Accounting at Kozminski University in Warsaw, where she currently conducts her Ph. D. studies in the field of finance. Petra graduated from the Humboldt University in Berlin, which belongs to the ivy universities in Germany. She started her professional career in the financial sector in one of the largest banks in the world, specializing in Compliance Risk Management, ensuring the compliance of the bank with the applicable regulations.

At Capital Lab, Petra takes care of the appropriateness of processes, ensuring that our solutions comply with the applicable financial regulations.


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Remember: Investing in capital markets carries with it its own degree of risk and it does not guarantee the realisation of predetermined investment goals, neither the reward of certain investment results.

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